The fitness center is a great amenity that many people like to enjoy. A few things have been brought to Management’s attention recently that may put the Community at risk for stolen property and liability.

  1. Please do not prop the doors of the fitness center open with dumbbells; this can create the feeling that the fitness center is available to everyone.
  2. Please ensure all doors are closed when you leave. If you open a door, please close it. Do not leave it to the responsibility of those that are still in the fitness center. On many occasions, the Association’s security team finds doors wide open until as late as 3 AM.
  3. The fitness center is meant for Woodbury East residents ONLY. Please do not open the fitness center door to those without key fobs, as they could be residents in a different community. If they get injured in the fitness center, then it will be a liability to the Woodbury East Community and its owners.

Thank you for taking care of the Woodbury East Common Areas!

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